From the Farmer

Find out what our farmer has to say about Lively Run Goat Dairy and everything related to the cheese that we produce. Read, enjoy, and check back for updates.

Spring Shearing Day 5/6/23 Cider and BBQ

Our Angora goats get a hair cut and you can watch our expert shearer, Jean Tyler at her craft! 1pm will be the first shearing. We’ll also have hard cider by the glass available from Open Spaces Cider, Rebyrd Orchards and Eve’s Cidery! Combine this with absolutely delicious BBQ fare from Blowin’ Smoke BBQ and it’s a perfect Saturday afternoon! more»

3rd Annual Christmas Tree Munch

It was a hoot! Even in the cold! more»

Now available: Lively Run 2022 Calendar

We are closed for the season. Reopening May 2022

Thank you for a great season! Here is a random selection of pics at Lively Run Dairy, taken this year. Our last day of the season this year was Halloween. Kim , Guilianna and Susanne had a witchy time! Thanks to all for coming, tasting cheese, petting goats, participating in goat yoga, bottle feeding kids and supporting Lively Run Dairy more»

Smallpipe Society Open Rehearsal

Join us for an afternoon of Scottish pipe Music on July 24th starting at 1:00pm Free Admission Traditional Scottish Small Pipes are bellows-blown and have multiple drones emanating from a common drone stock. Each drone produces a unique pitch or range of pitches. The chanter is pitched in A (440) but is also available in other pitches (D, G, and more»

Cheese and Wine at Point of the Bluff Vineyards

Join us for an evening of fine wine and cheese at Point of the Bluff Vineyards! Learn about the wines from the maker himself! Mike Countrymen, Point of the Bluff Vineyard’s exceptional Wine Maker will tell you the secrets of his craft! Learn about the cheeses from Lively Run’s (retired) cheese maker and “goat mama” Susanne Messmer and hear about more»

Pot o’ Melting Gold Recipe

Ingredients for 4-6 people: 8 oz Chevre 8 oz Shire 4 oz Finger Lakes Gold 8-10 oz Guinness Beer or dark local beer ( Hopshire Onyx for example) 2 Tbsp. flour 1 tsp. black pepper 1 tsp. salt 1/2 tsp. mustard powder 1 pinch freshly grated nutmeg 2 cloves garlic Mince garlic clove  Combine beer, spices, and garlic in your more»

Kimberly Zajac’s Bio

Kimberly Zajac has been practicing yoga for twenty plus years. She has been teaching yoga for nearly ten years.  Her initial 200hr training and certification is in Ashtanga Yoga. She has additional hours of study, experience, and certification in YogaEd, Y12SR, S.O.A.R., Yin Yoga, Mindful Art and Yoga. She has brought  Trauma-Informed Yoga into Mental Health Clinical Practices, and more. more»

Civil Eats Article: NY Farmer’s response to Food Insecurity

Read about Farmer’s response to the Pandemic in this in depth article by Civil Eats   more»

THANK YOU for your support!

THANK YOU for the support that we have been receiving from our community over the last week. It has been heartfelt and appreciated! People have been purchasing cheese and gift cards on our online store, recommending our cheese to their friends and family, and checking in on us. All of these little things are not only helping us to survive more»

Pressbay Food Transfer Hub in Ithaca, NY

Ithaca friends! We know the empty shelves in the grocery stores look scary, but you live in a farming community in the Finger Lakes that will ensure you will never go hungry. And your local farmers need all of the support they can get during these times! We are teaming up with the PressBay Food Transfer Hub to provide cheese for you more»

Lively Run Dairy COVID-19 Update

Right now, it matters more than ever to buy local! With a mandatory closing of all NY state restaurants, we have seen a sharp decline in cheese sales. Our business has been around for over 30 years and we are doing everything we can to come out on the other side of this crisis in one piece. When you support more»

Susanne Messmer Invited to Cook at James Beard House in NYC

Susanne Messmer Teams up with 6 other Finger Lakes Women to Cook at James Beard House in NYC We are so excited to have our very own Susanne Messmer represent Lively Run Dairy and the agricultural bounty of the Finger Lakes Region at the James Beard Foundation‘s Finger Lakes Winter Fantasy event in New York City on January 18, 2020. She more»

October 2019 Limited Release Cheese of the Month: Goat’s Milk Cheddar

Mother Goat: Lively Run Dairy Goat’s Milk Cheddar Introducing the October Limited Release Cheese of the Month: “Mother Goat,” a goat’s milk cheddar. Mother Goat is a tribute to Susanne Messmer, the queen of the Lively Run, maker of the best chevre cheese cake in the Finger Lakes, and mother of our goats. This goat’s milk cheddar is nutty and more»

September Specialty Cheese of the Month: Seneca Blue Moon

  Our September Cheese of the Month is an ash-ripened goat cheese called Seneca Blue Moon. It’s our chèvre that has been dusted with Ash and aged for 2 weeks. During that time a cocktail of penicillium roqueforti (blue mold), penicillium candidum (white mold), and penicillium geotrichum (coral/brainy shape) were added to it. It has a light blue-cheese flavor. The more»

August 2019 Specialty Cheese of the Month: Chevre with Garlic and Herbs

Chevre with Garlic and Herbs Our Chèvre is a traditional, French-style chèvre made fresh weekly. Our chèvre is soft and mild, reflecting the local forage our goats are fed throughout the year. The garlic and herb combination added to the cheese is delicious spread on toast in the morning, or to crumble over a fresh salad with lemon and olive more»

Finger Lakes Gold Reserve Wins National Award in the 2019 American Cheese Society Contest

The Finger Lakes Gold Reserve aged goat cheese won first place in its class of “Goat’s Milk Cheese Aged Over 60 Days” and was a best-of-show finalist, ranking it in the top 15 out of 1,742 products submitted in the 2019 American Cheese Society (ACS) Cheese Contest. The annual American Cheese Society Contest is one of the most prestigious cheese more»

June 2019 Limited Release Specialty Cheese: Blue Flame

Blue Flame Blue Flame is our Blue Yonder cow milk blue cheese with Habanero peppers added to the curd. Our Blue Yonder is a creamy, crumbly blue cheese that works well in combination with other flavors. The peppers add a gentle heat to the finish of the blue cheese, making this cheese ideal for adding to foods like a burger. more»

May 2019 Limited Release Specialty Cheese: Lake Stone

Lake Stone Lake Stone is an ash-ripened bloomy rind goat cheese. It is aged for several weeks until it develops a lovely creamline. Lake Stone’s flavor is slightly sweet, a result of the excellent goat milk used to make , balanced by an underlying depth of slight funkiness from the cultures used to make the cheese. Find it in our more»

Meet the Team at Lively Run Dairy

Read This!

  About the Family Steve and Susanne Messmer took over Lively Run Dairy in 1995. Lively Run Creek Farm had been in business in Interlaken since 1982, being a pioneer in the goat cheese industry in the United States. From a fairly young age, Pete and Dave Messmer have been engulfed in the family farm and cheese making lifestyle. Throughout more»

How do the animals stay warm?

Today, January 5, 2018, the outdoor temperature is 2 degrees Fahrenheit. Take into the consideration the wind chill and we get to -13 degrees Fahrenheit. So how do the animals survive? Animals in the wild, like deer for example, will hide in a thicket of underbrush in extreme weather like today. Deer as well as our goats and horses have”built-in” more»

2017 Holiday Recipe Competition Winners

Cayuga Blue wins first place at ACS competition!

Lively Run Cayuga Blue was awarded First Place in its class at the 2017 American Cheese Society Cheese Contest in Denver. Held in a different city every year, the annual American Cheese Society Cheese Contest is one of the most prestigious cheese competitions in the US. 2017 was another record-breaking year for ACS, with over 281 companies from all over more»

15 Health Benefits of Cheese

Enjoy this very informative article originally posted on Jen Reviews about the health benefits of eating cheese. The original article can be found here: 15 Health Benefits of Cheese, According to Science (+8 Delicious Recipes) Cheese making has been in practice for over 8,000 years by various cultures around the world. Throughout history, many animals have been valued for their more»

The Great Northeast Cheese & Dairy Fest

On Saturday December 10th Lively Run attended a wonderful event organized by the Cheese & Dairy Society of New York called the Great Northeast Cheese & Dairy Fest in Flushing, New York City. The event was attended by several cheese producers, beverage makers, and chefs. After experiencing some of the AMAZING Chinese food Flushing is famous for, Peter and Luca, more»

“Cooking With Cheese in the Finger Lakes” Cookbook Release

  This cookbook includes recipes from Finger Lakes’ favorites such as Moosewood, Suzanne’s Fine Regional Cuisine, Just a Taste, and much more! A perfect gift for your friends and family this holiday season! Inside the book: “Cooking with Cheese in the Finger Lakes takes you on a journey through one of America’s most celebrated culinary meccas, offering a taste of the more»

Meet Our New Head Cheesemaker: Pete Messmer

From a fairly young age, Pete has been engulfed in the Lively Run farm and cheesemaking lifestyle. In 1995, his parents purchased Lively Run Goat Dairy. As a seven-year-old, this purchase provided young Pete with new adventures and interests, such as playing and feeding the goats and tasting fresh cheeses. Pete grew up learning to appreciate the intricacies and details more»

Why Does Cheese Need to be Aged Anyway?

This blog series is written by Lively Run Dairy’s head cheese maker Pete Messmer. Pete loves talking cheese and sharing his abundance of knowledge about cheese and the cheese making process.  Why Does Cheese Need to be Aged Anyway? This is a very important question that I often get when talking to people about cheese. Aging cheese can be a more»

Notes from the Aging Room (Part 2)

  This blog series is written by Lively Run Dairy’s head cheese maker Pete Messmer. Pete loves talking cheese and sharing his abundance of knowledge about cheese and the cheese making process. In my last blog post, Notes From the Aging Room Part One, I talked about the term affinage (including why I don’t like it), what it means and more»

Notes from the Aging Room (Part 1)

This blog series is written by Lively Run Dairy’s head cheese maker Pete Messmer. Pete loves talking cheese and sharing his abundance of knowledge about cheese and the cheese making process. As a cheese maker who likes to stay somewhat informed on the state of the artisan cheese community  in the United States, I’ve been hearing a lot of ramblings, more»

Lively Run’s Circle of Life (Part 2 : Raising Kids)

Lively Run kids

In the first part of my blog about the Circle of Life I talked about the seasonal changes that happen on our farm due to the fact that goats are seasonally bred. We introduced our stud buck, Austin, to our herd of does on November 5, 2014, planning for an April kidding month. That was the plan. However, Austin had more»

Lively Run’s Circle of Life (Part One)

As we are approaching spring we are all getting a little giddy, hoping for more sunlight, warmer weather and colors beyond white, grey and black. We are excited for the first buds on trees, the first migratory birds back with us, the first flowers, and the grass changing color from brown to green! A big part of Spring Fever at more»

Finger Lakes Cheese and Beer Pairings

We all know that wine and cheese pair beautifully together, but who knew how perfect beer and cheese pair together? Think: Bread and Cheese. Don’t tell our winery friends, but we have actually concluded that beer and cheese may be a better match than wine and cheese. Last week was Beer and Cheese Pairing Week for Lively Run Dairy! The more»

It’s What’s Inside that Counts- The Benefits of Buying Local Cheese

Living in the Finger Lakes Region, I am constantly hearing about “buying local”.  But when  I head to the grocery store,  my desire for conscious consumption hits me along with a lot of questions.  Why should I buy locally produced cheeses over mass produced products?  You may have asked yourself the same question.  While the question is simple, the answer more»

“Goatyness”: Why Does Chèvre Get Such a Bad Rap?

As a self-diagnosed foodie from a very young age, I love to cook and bake for my family. I enjoy creating new recipes, tweaking old ones and experimenting with new flavors and textures. I am also proud to say that my culinary repertoire has increased substantially over the years from spaghetti and meatballs (my signature dish as a 7-year-old), to more»

Looking to Hire Assistant Cheesemaker!

Update 10/13: Lively Run Dairy has hired a new Assistant Cheesemaker!   Lively Run Dairy is searching for a full time assistant cheesemaker to assist in making our award-winning artisanal cheeses. We would love to work with someone who is passionate about cheese and who understands the effort and time required for making high quality, handmade cheeses. This entry-level position offers more»

Goat Fun Facts

  Goats were one of the first animals to be tamed by humans and were being herded 9,000 years ago. Goat meat is the most consumed meat per capita worldwide Goats can be taught their name and to come when called The life span of a goat is about that of a dog Goats have a gestation period (pregnancy) of more»

The Perfect Cheese Board

There is no stronger relationship than the one between humans and cheese. The bond that was created thousands of years ago has been beautiful and it is not about to end.  Humans use cheese in a variety of ways, whether it’s grated over pasta, melted between two pieces of toasted bread, laying on top of a burger, sprinkled over a more»

Food Consciousness in the Finger Lakes

A Short History of Why Sustainability Matters in the Northeast   Not many Americans associate the modern sustainable food movement with the Northeastern United States. Public perception tends to be that the West Coast is the region with all the radical notions about food. From the tv series Portlandia, to the coining of the term “locavore” in 2005 by Berkeley food more»

A German Goat Tale of 2 Cities

Lively Run Dairy owners Steve and Susanne Messmer recently took a winter trip to Susanne’s home country of Germany. Susanne was born and raised in the beautiful region of “Pfalz,” which is located in the state of Rhineland Pfalz in South West Germany. Susanne and Steve met and married in Germany while Steve was stationed there for military service. Steve more»

All About Raw Milk Cheese

Lively Run Cayuga Blue raw milk cheese

The Raw Milk controversy has been featured in the media a lot recently after the FDA raided an Amish farm last year because they were selling raw milk across state boarders. After this incident, the media paid close attention to any activity involving raw milk and captured the American public’s curiosity. more»