Lively Run Goat Dairy and our artisanal cheeses have built a world-wide reputation for flavor, quality and integrity. Find out what foodies, chefs, fine cheese merchants, food writers, and travelers have to say about our farm, our cheeses and, of course, our goats in these testimonials!


Dano Hutnik, owner/chef of Dano’s on Seneca

“I have been working with Lively Run for many years. I am very impressed with their cheese products. We cook and bake with them all the time at our restaurant. The whole operation is wonderful — from working with the family, tasting all of the cheese, and knowing that they are always working on something new. We are always working with their high quality chèvre and Cayuga bleu.”

– Dano Hutnik, owner/chef of Dano’s on Seneca

Saxelby’s Cheese Mongers

“Lively Run Goat Dairy is a true pioneer in New York’s cheese making industry, and we can’t get enough of their goats’ milk Feta and Cayuga Blue! Always surprising and extraordinary, these cheeses can win over even the most jaded curd nerd.”

Saxelby’s Cheese Mongers

Ann Duckett, Little Bleu Cheese Shop

“Lively Run Goat Dairy continuously exceeds my expectations in relation to the quality of their cheeses. Steven and Susanne’s commitment to maintaining the highest standards of excellence is evident in every bite! As proprietor of The Little Bleu Cheese Shop I am honored to carry the Lively Run Goat Dairy line and am proud of the relationship we have established.”

– Ann Duckett, Little Bleu Cheese Shop

Laura Werlin, author of The All American Wine and Cheese Book

“Lively Run Goat Dairy represents the very best of American cheese making — people quietly going about their way tending to their animals and to the land. In turn, this translates to extraordinary cheeses that are created with little fanfare, great milk, and a whole lot of skill and flavor”

– Laura Werlin, author of The All American Wine and Cheese Book

Karen Gilman – Manager/Pastry Chef or Dano’s On Seneca

“Lively Run’s Cheese is a high-quality, local product that I love using for my restaurant. The flavor is very pleasant with just the right ‘tang’ and it is not too ‘goaty’, like many other goat cheeses tend to be. The consistency of the cheese is very versatile for cooking, as the cheese can be used for all courses, whether it’s crumbled over cold salads, melted within our savory plates, or baked within our desserts.”

— Karen Gilman, manager/pastry chef of Dano’s On Seneca

Jennifer Loviglio, Rochester Magazine

“Artisanal” refers to cheese made by hand with milk from a known source: from the cheesemaker’s own herd, or from a farmer who can verify what the livestock eats, since this affects the taste of the milk.”

– Jennifer Loviglio, Rochester Magazine