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***Shipping Update: We will not be shipping cheese during the summer months because it is too hot for us to ship perishable food safely and economically. We will reopen our online store shipping in the Fall. 

You can buy some of our cheeses online at Saxelby Cheese and 3rd Wheel Cheese Co.

However, we are still able to ship bulk orders (minimum of 10 lbs). Please contact us to place your order.

We still  have 2 online store sales options for local pre-order delivery and pick up:
  • Pickup every Thursday at Press Bay Food Transfer Hub in Ithaca, NY
  • Pre-order Pickup at the Lively Run Farm Store in Interlaken, NY

Pick up at Press Bay Food Transfer Hub

Order by Wednesday at 12PM and pick up each Thursday of the same week at the Press Bay Alley Transfer Hub in Ithaca, NY for no additional charge! Simply opt to “Pick up at press bay alley” during check out and we will prepare and deliver your order to be picked up by you during customer pick up hours Thursdays from 4-7PM at Press Bay Alley.

Note: Press Bay Food Transfer Hub will not hold missed pick ups. On Friday each week we will donate unclaimed goods to our local food pantries.

The Press Bay Alley Food Transfer Hub offers:

  • Pre-order goods from other local farms and pick up at the Press Bay Alley Food Transfer Hub!
  • Weekly curbside distribution at 110-1 W Green St. of prepaid goods
  • Distribution staffed by Urban Core’s manager Melissa Madden during Customer Pick Up hours
  • Short term delivery and pick up parking provided in the Press Bay Geneva St lot
  • Transfer hub for donations to local pantries

Learn more about the Press Bay Alley Food Transfer Hub.

Pre-order Online for Farm Pickup

Order on our online store and pick up from the porch of our farm store for no additional charge! Simply opt for “Farm Pickup” during check out and we will prepare your order in a brown paper bag with your name on it within 12 hours to be picked up during open business hours from our refrigerator on our porch.

For further questions regarding the online store, please contact our store manager at

  • Finger Lakes Gold Reserve (10-month)

    Finger Lakes Gold Reserve (10-month)

    Our Finger Lakes Gold Reserve is our award-winning hard goat cheese that is aged for 10+ months with a slightly crumbly texture. It is perfect for snacking right off the wheel or grating over pasta.

    An off-dry Riesling from the Finger Lakes pairs nicely with the nutty and caramel flavors of the cheese. The Finger Lakes Gold Reserve is named after its beautiful yellow-golden rind.

    The Finger Lakes Gold Reserve aged goat cheese won first place in its class of “Goat’s Milk Cheese Aged Over 60 Days” and was a best-of-show finalist, ranking it in the top 15 out of 1,742 products submitted in the 2019 American Cheese Society (ACS) Cheese Contest.

    About the Finger Lakes Gold Reserve:

    • A wheel of Finger Lakes Gold Reserve is usually about 7 lbs.
    • Shelf life: 3 months


  • Cayuga Blue

    Cayuga Blue

    Cayuga Blue is our award-winning goat’s milk blue cheese. Marbled throughout with blue mold as deep in color as the lake that it was named after, Cayuga Blue is a true rarity: an entirely goat’s milk blue cheese.

    Subtle and complex, Cayuga Blue is rich with earthy and mushroom flavors. It is a fine addition to any dish featuring beef or mushrooms.

    The Cayuga Blue was awarded First Place in its class at the 2017 American Cheese Society Cheese Contest in Denver. It was also labeled one of the “The 25 Most Important Cheeses in America, According to Cheese Experts,” by Bon Appetit.

    About the Cayuga Blue:

    • A wheel of Cayuga Blue is usually about 4 lbs.
    • Shelf life: 2 months
  • Finger Lakes Gold (3-Month)

    Finger Lakes Gold (3-Month)

    Finger Lakes Gold Aged for at least four months, the Finger Lakes Gold is mellow and nutty in flavor and firm in texture, with a beautiful gold- yellow natural rind.

    The Finger Lakes Gold works nicely with egg-based dishes and melts very well. It is also a wonderfully unique addition to any cheese board, pairing well with cured meats as well as jams or fruit.

    About the Finger Lakes Gold:

    • A wheel of Finger Lakes Gold Reserve is usually about 8 lbs.
    • Shelf life: 3 months


  • Chèvre


    Our Chevre is delicate, with a creamy texture that is balanced by a slight lactic tang and grassy, pastoral notes. It is a very versatile cooking cheese that is equally useful for savory dishes, like cheese dips or salads, and sweet recipes, like cheese cake or panna cotta.

    Herbs Include: Dill, Herbes de Provence, Rose Peppercorn, Za’atar, Garlic and Pepper.

    About the Cayuga Blue:

    • Shelf life: 2 months
  • Goat's Milk Feta

    Goat’s Milk Feta

    Lively Run Goat Dairy Feta is a firm and very salty Balkan-style cheese. Aged for one month in salt brine, our Feta develops a crumbly texture that is perfect for use in salads, omelettes, pizzas or anything that would benefit from a salty kick.

    About the Feta:

    • Shelf life: 3 months
  • Lake Effect Cheddar

    Lake Effect Cheddar

    Typically made the same day as the milking, our Lake Effect Cheddar is made from extremely fresh, local cow’s milk. It is generally aged for six months and exhibits a nice blend of traditional cheddar “sharpness” with a pleasing nuttiness that is rare in American Cheddars.

    About the Lake Effect Cheddar:

    • Shelf life: 3 months
  • Sheldrake Moon

    Sheldrake Moon

    Sheldrake Moon, named for the reflection of the moon on the waters of Cayuga Lake at Sheldrake Point, is a bloomy- rind cheese, similar to Brie in style, made from whole cow milk. As the cheese ages, the paste breaks down into a lovely cream line that gives the cheese a lusciously rich texture.

    Lively Run Sheldrake Moon pairs excellently with dry Riesling and Champagne- style dry Ciders.

    About the Sheldrake Moon:

    • A wheel of Sheldrake Moon is 8 oz.
    • Shelf life: 2 months
    • 1 case of Shire = 6 pieces (8 oz.)
  • Cooking with Cheese in the Finger Lakes Gift Package

    Cooking with Cheese in the Finger Lakes Gift Package

    Give the gift of local cheese and more! This package includes 3 pieces of Lively Run Cheese:Finger Lakes Gold, Plain Chevre, and our Blue Yonder and a Cooking With Cheese in the Finger Lakes Cookbook.

    We will also provide a hand-written note on one of our illustrated goat greeting cards if you specify what to say in the “notes” section during checkout.

  • "Cooking With Cheese in the Finger Lakes" Cookbook

    “Cooking With Cheese in the Finger Lakes” Cookbook

    Cooking with Cheese in the Finger Lakes is a collection of recipes from artisans around the Finger Lakes that use Lively Run Cheese in their cuisine. Each recipe has a beverage pairing from a local winery, cidery, or brewery. This collection is an example of the wonderful and varied bounty that the Finger Lakes has to offer.


    This cookbook includes recipes from Finger Lakes’ favorites such as Moosewood, Suzanne’s Fine Regional Cuisine, Just a Taste, and much more! A perfect gift for your friends and family this holiday season!

    “Cooking with Cheese in the Finger Lakes takes you on a journey through one of America’s most celebrated culinary meccas, offering a taste of the region’s best eateries. In this cookbook, we discover how an ingredient as simple as cheese can encourage a cook to express his or her style and heritage. The result is a varied collection of recipes showcasing our diverse and innovative community, tightly woven together by aged milk. And of course, we also learn that Lively Run’s selection of goat cheeses are far from “simple,” but the product of a family-owned, small batch dairy that will inspire you to stop by and play with the goats!” – Emma Frisch, owner of Firelight Camps


    If you are a store owner and would like more information about wholesale pricing, please contact

  • Lively Run Dairy Cooler

    Lively Run Dairy Cooler

    Picnic-sized cooler bag with Lively Run Dairy embroidery.

  • Lively Run Dairy Goat Milk Soap

    Lively Run Dairy Goat Milk Soap

    Goat milk soap made by Hinz-Sight Goat Dairy using Lively Run Dairy goat milk.


  • Honey Rock Farm Honeys

    Honey Rock Farm Honeys

    Honey Rock Farm is based out of the Finger Lakes and produces a wide variety of different honeys.

  • Honey Yum

    Honey Yum

    Local Cinnamon Creamed Honey from HoneyRock Farms.

    Ingredients: Honey & Cinnamon

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  • Stonybrook Roasted Pumpkin Seed Oil

    Stonybrook Roasted Pumpkin Seed Oil

    This oil is packed with a roasted nutty flavor that is perfect in combination with cheese.

  • Knapp Farm Jams

    Knapp Farm Jams

    A selection of excellent locally made jams, chutney & butters

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  • Membrillo


    A thick jelly made from quince that is native to and imported from Spain

  • Marcona Almonds

    Marcona Almonds

    These notoriously buttery almonds are native to and imported from Spain.

  • Variety Pack of 6 Illustrated Goat Cards

    Variety Pack of 6 Illustrated Goat Cards

    Make somebody smile with these adorable goat cards illustrated by local artist, Lee Shelton! The cards are 4.5″ x 5.5″ (folded), printed on heavyweight textured card stock, and come with envelopes. We will choose a variety of 6 different goat character cards per package.

    Please contact us at for a special shipping price if you are only ordering cards.

  • Butternut Pepitas

    Butternut Pepitas

    These pepitas are made using butternut squash seeds that are then roasted and salted.

  • Lively Run Dairy Goat Milk Lotion

    Lively Run Dairy Goat Milk Lotion

    Skin lotion made by Akenehi  using goats milk from the Lively Run farm.

  • Crispy French Cracker - Sea Salt

    Crispy French Cracker – Sea Salt

    Toasty french crackers made by Tresors

  • Cornichons (Baby Sour Gherkins)

    Cornichons (Baby Sour Gherkins)

    Trois Petit Cornichons Baby Sour Gherkins by the Three Little Pigs

  • Hillcrest Dairy Pasteurized Butter

    Hillcrest Dairy Pasteurized Butter

    1/2 lb of local pasteurized butter made with fresh sweet cream from cows not treated with rBST and with a grazing flavor!

  • Gift Cards

    Gift Cards

    Our gift certificates are good for any items or services sold in our online store or our on-farm store, including cheese, T-shirts, tours, baby goat bottle feeding, and other novelties!

  • Casella's Salami (Cacciatorini Piccante)

    Casella’s Salami (Cacciatorini Piccante)

    From the South of Italy comes a spicy addition to the Casella’s line up. This salame gets its name from the region of Calabria, known for its super hot and flavorful chili peppers.

    All of the Casella’s salumi is made the long way the following time-honored Italian traditions. There are no nitrates or nitrites added, instead we use all natural ingredients. They age nice and slow — a long aging at a low temperature to make our salami — the way the norcini have done for all time.

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