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Cow Cheese

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  • Blue Yonder

    Blue Yonder

    Our Blue Yonder is  a creamy cow’s milk blue cheese with natural rind that is both subtle, complex and approachable. While the rich Holstein milk gives the paste a lovely yellow color, it is marbled throughout with pockets and veins of deep blue.

    Blue Yonder received a gold medal in its class at the ACS competition in 2023.

    About the Blue Yonder:

    • A wheel of Blue Yonder is usually about 4 lbs.
    • Shelf life: 2 months
  • Cheese Curds

    Cheese Curds


    These cheese curds are actually Mozzarella curd. Melts really easily onto your flat bread and pizza or just have a snack . Delish!

    We have two varieties: Original and “Pizza” with Oregano, Garlic and Crushed Red Pepper

    You can also suspend the original, plain curds in 12o F water for 5 minutes and streeeeetch them. Just for the fun of it!

    Cow Milk 8 oz

  • Gorge Trail Gouda

    Gorge Trail Gouda

    Our Gouda is a traditional Dutch-style Gouda. It is made from very fresh, local cow’s milk, then aged for around six months, until it has reached the peak of ripeness. Gorge Trail Gouda is a richly flavored cheese with the mellow, buttery flavors that is complemented by a subtle creamy texture.

    About the the Gorge Trail Gouda:

    • A wheel of the Gorge Trail Gouda is usually about 8.5 lbs.
    • Shelf life: 3 months
  • Lake Effect Cheddar

    Lake Effect Cheddar

    Typically made  the same day as the milking, our Lake Effect Cheddar is made from extremely fresh, local cow’s milk. It is generally aged for six months and exhibits a nice blend of traditional cheddar “sharpness” with a pleasing nuttiness that is rare in American Cheddars.


  • Party sized Sheldrake Moon ON SALE !

    Party sized Sheldrake Moon ON SALE !

    Party Size
    Sheldrake Moon, approximately 2 lb wheel

    Cow’s milk bloomy rind cheese

    Serve it with fruit, or bake it in pastry to gooey, oozy delight! Add fruit in the pastry shell, or apples with caramelized onions. Mmm!

  • Sheldrake Moon , Fresh

    Sheldrake Moon , Fresh

    Sheldrake Moon, named for the reflection of the moon on the waters of Cayuga Lake at Sheldrake Point, is a bloomy- rind cheese, similar to Brie in style, made from whole cow milk. As the cheese ages, the paste breaks down into a lovely cream line that gives the cheese a lusciously rich texture.

    Lively Run Sheldrake Moon pairs excellently with dry Riesling and Champagne- style dry Ciders.

    About the Sheldrake Moon:

    • A wheel of Sheldrake Moon is 8 oz.
    • Shelf life: 2 months
    Item is not in stock.
  • Shire (Beer Cheese)

    Shire (Beer Cheese)

    Shire is the result of a collaboration with Hopshire Brewing in Dryden, NY. It is a cow’s milk cheese aged for 3 months. In the process of making Shire the cheese curds are washed with Hopshire’s delicious Scottish Ale. The dark ale imbues the cheese with  toasty flavors of malt and coffee.

    Shire received a gold medal in its class at the ACS competition in 2023.

    About the the Shire:

    • A wheel of the Shire is usually about 9 lbs.
    • Shelf life: 3 months
  • Winners Circle

    Winners Circle

    Get all of Lively Run’s American Cheese Society’s Medalists and save!

    1. Cayuga Blue, Gold Medal 2017 and 2022

    Goat Milk , 4 oz    Normally   $7.50    Here     $6.50

    2.Finger Lakes Gold Reserve, Gold Medal 2019, Silver 2023 and 2022

    Goat Milk, 4 oz     Normally  $8.00    Here     $7.00

    3.Finger Lakes Gold , Gold Medal 2022, Silver Medal 2023

    Goat Milk, 4 oz    Normally   $7.00    Here      $6.00

    4.Blue Yonder, Gold Medal 2023

    Cow Milk, 4 oz    Normally $6.50      Here      $5.50

    5.Shire, Gold Medal 2023

    Cow Milk, 4 oz   Normally  $6.50     Here     $5.50

    Total Savings $5.00

    Item is not in stock.