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Cow Cheese

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  • Blue Yonder

    Blue Yonder

    Blue Yonder is a cow’s milk blue cheese. Both subtle and complex, this creamy cheese is very approachable. While the rich Holstein milk from which it is made gives the paste lovely yellow tones, it is marbled throughout with pockets and veins of deep blue.

  • Gorge Trail Gouda

    Gorge Trail Gouda

    Our Gouda is a traditional Dutch-style Gouda. It is made from very fresh, local raw cow’s milk, then aged for around six months, until it has reached the peak of ripeness. Gorge Trail Gouda is a richly flavored cheese with the mellow, buttery flavors that is complemented by a subtle creamy texture.

  • Lake Effect Cheddar

    Lake Effect Cheddar

    Typically made the same day as the milking, our Lake Effect Cheddar is made from extremely fresh, local cow’s milk. It is generally aged for six months and exhibits a nice blend of traditional cheddar “sharpness” with a pleasing nuttiness that is rare in American Cheddars.

  • Shamrock Shire

    Shamrock Shire

    What better way to say “Happy St. Patty’s Day” to your friends and family than with this shamrock shaped piece of our beer-brined gouda: the Shire. After being cut the cheese is dipped in green cheese-wax to give it that traditional St. Patty’s color. Supplies are limited, order while they last!

  • Shire


    Shire is the result of a collaboration with Hopshire Brewing in Dryden, NY. It is made by soaking the Gorge Trail Gouda in Shire Ale, a dark malty Scotch Ale, for three days. The resulting cheese is imbued with the toasty flavors of the dark malt and a slight coffee-like bitterness.

  • Willow Hedge

    Willow Hedge

    Willow Hedge is an Alpine-Style cheese, aged for six months to a year, it is nutty with underlying notes of caramel. The Willow Hedge is a very versatile cooking cheese that is good for a whole myriad of traditional recipes like fondue or French onion soup.

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