Looking to Hire Assistant Cheesemaker!

Update 10/13: Lively Run Dairy has hired a new Assistant Cheesemaker!


Lively Run Dairy is searching for a full time assistant cheesemaker to assist in making our award-winning artisanal cheeses. We would love to work with someone who is passionate about cheese and who understands the effort and time required for making high quality, handmade cheeses. This entry-level position offers ample opportunity for learning, growth and promotion for the right person.


Initial Responsibilities:

-Assisting the Cheesemaker during cheese makes

-Assisting with Affinage (caring for aging cheese)

-Packaging Product

-Processing and Fulfilling Orders

-Cleaning and Sanitation


Eventual Responsibilities:

-Managing Inventory of Supplies

-Managing Inventory of Product

-Assisting with HACCP Management



Cheesemaking is a hands-on business, and we are looking for someone who has a strong mechanical aptitude and can work with his or her hands. Flexibility is a must, as hours are not always just 9:00am to 5:00pm, and sometimes weekends are required. We are looking for somebody who can multitask, and physical fitness is necessary, as we work on our feet and often need to lift and move heavy objects. Hygiene, cleanliness and an understanding of how to keep a food-processing environment clean and sanitary are essential. Promptness and initiative are expected at all times because we work under strict deadlines.



-A college degree (especially a degree in food or dairy science) is preferred but not required



-A background in Food Science, Food Service, or Agriculture is preferred but not required


Please email Katie Shaw at katie@livelyrun.com with your resume and cover letter at your earliest convenience.