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Goat Yoga Event

Goat Yoga is a seasonal program at Lively Run Dairy. Our baby goats ( Alpines, Saanens and LaManchas, no pygmy or dwarf goats)are ready for it in June and continue through July. By the end of July we wrap up the program as they are getting too big!

  • May, June, July Open Yoga Classes

    May, June, July Open Yoga Classes

    One hour rain or shine Yoga session under a big tent. Be here 10 minutes early for sign in. Please bring your own mat. Goats like to nibble on dangly things like loose hair and earrings, jewelry. Please wear a beanie or cap! Caps and head wraps are also available to purchase in our store.

    The dates shown are for  Saturday and Wednesday mornings at 10am . Make sure you pick your correct date and time!

    All sales are final!  We can not change dates and times on already purchased tickets! Please put a reminder alert on your smart phone. We do not reimburse tickets if you miss your appointment!