Kimberly Zajac’s Bio

Kimberly Zajac has been practicing yoga for twenty plus years. She has been teaching yoga for nearly ten years.  Her initial 200hr training and certification is in Ashtanga Yoga. She has additional hours of study, experience, and certification in YogaEd, Y12SR, S.O.A.R., Yin Yoga, Mindful Art and Yoga. She has brought  Trauma-Informed Yoga into Mental Health Clinical Practices, and more.

Kimberly owns a small studio, Lucky Stone Yoga, in Ovid, NY.  For thirty-five years, she has worked in the professional fields of human services, counseling and education. In later years she has  incorporated yoga and mindfulness into these areas.

Kimberly is also a mixed media artist and published poet. She knows all too well that inspiration and creativity flow best when one takes the time to balance body, mind and spirt with yoga, meditation and mindfulness practices.  Her great pleasure is sharing these practices with others.

Adding goats to the mix brings an additional element of pure fun, joy and smiles all around.  Kimberly looks forward to new adventures with Lively Run and is sincerely grateful for the opportunity to be part of the “imagineering” team with Steve and Susanne Messmer.