Cheese Pairings

Cheese Pairings


New !!!

TheseĀ  delightful compotes are created to pair with cheese! 2.3oz

Give a little “kiss” to each cheese.

“Golden Apples” with tender pistachios and cinnamon is delicious with Finger Lakes Gold, Lake Effect Cheddar and Shire.

“Black Figs” with macadamia nuts and pepper is perfect with Blue Yonder and Cayuga Blue.

“Black Grapes” with Majorcan almonds pairs nicely with Gorge Trail Gouda and Interlaken.

” Raspberries with rose petals and Sichuan pepper” is great with Chevre and Feta.

“Peaches and Apricots” with goji berries and cardamom is excellent with Sheldrake Moon.


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