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Shipping Terms and Conditions

All orders will be shipped on Tuesdays only. This helps to keep shipping costs at bay, since the shipper (FedEx, UPS or USPS) can pick up bulk at our location.

Cheese is sent in insulated boxes with frozen gel packs.

Shipments within NY  State can be shipped FedEx Ground in most cases and still arrive within 2 days. For all others we recommend 2 day or overnight shipping.

Should the website only allow 2 day shipping,  and we find that ground shipping still arrives within 2 days, we will refund the difference in cost to you.


Storage and Handling

  • Storage: Once opened, the product should be wrapped tightly with plastic wrap, or with other suitable wrap to keep the cheese from drying out or developing undesirable molds while in storage between uses. Products should be consumed within about two weeks after opened. The cheeses should always be refrigerated at  a temperature below 45 F, but above 32 F.
  • Lively Run Vacuum Packed Items (Chèvre, 8oz Cheddar and 4oz Feta, Cayuga Blue, Blue Yonder, Gorge Trail Gouda, Finger Lakes Gold): When unopened, our vacuum packed items have a shelf life of at least 2 months. There are expiration dates on each individual package.
  • Lively Run Seneca Blue Moon: This cheese is wrapped in waxed paper and has a relatively short shelf life. There are expiration dates on each individual package.

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