Honey Walnut Chèvre

  • 8 oz Chèvre, plain or Lemon Thyme and Pose Peppercorn
  • 4 oz Walnuts or Almonds
  • 12 oz raw Honey (Fall Flower or Basswood for a lighter honey)
  • Crackers or Crisp bread or sliced brioche

Toast the nuts in a pan on the stove top on medium heat for 5 minutes, being careful to not burn them. Keep stirring them with a wooden spoon. When they are warm, they have that delicious milder toasted flavor.

Place them in a 16 oz glass or plastic container, pour the honey over the nuts and store at room temperature for 12h.

Place Chèvre log on a glass or china dish, pour honey nut mix over log and serve with crackers, crisp bread or brioche.

The Lemon Thyme and Rose Peppercorns add an aromatic flavor that makes the whole “pop”!