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Fun Facts

Goats are fun!

Goats are very intelligent, inquisitive and are excellent climbers.

The male is called buck. The female is called doe. The baby goat is called kid! A female goat is pregnant for 5 months and usually has 2  kids!

Both male and females have horns, the bucks horns are bigger than the does.

Goats are browsers like deer! They love to eat shrubs , brambles, thistles, tree leaves, bark, and poison ivy. They are often used to control invasive species, and clearing over grown land.

There are many different breeds of goats. At Lively Run we have dairy goats, specifically of the Alpines and Saanen breeds. But there are many, many more dairy breeds.

Goats are also used for fiber production . Angora and Cashmere goats have beautiful soft fleeces of hair that is used to make clothing.

Boer and Kiko goats are providing meat. Goat meat is the most eaten meat in the world!

Goats are one of the earliest animals that have been domesticated by humans.

Goats can be trained to pull carts or carry your back pack when you go hiking. Many 4 H clubs are training their goats to be “pack goats”. Since goats are such good climbers , love to roam and are very social they are a natural fit to take on a difficult hiking trip and carry some of your supplies!

Goats are great fun!