The All American Cheese and Wine Book

In The All American Cheese and Wine Book Laura Werlin guides the reader through matching the artisanal cheese found across America with perfectly paired wines. She also gives an overview of the 7 different cheeses, gives profiles of 50 American cheese makers, and recipes for dishes that use cheese. Lively Run Goat Dairy was listed within the 50 American cheese makers and also was featured throughout the book. Laura Werlin complimented the Cayuga Blue in her book by saying that “The Cayuga Blue is as capricious as are the Messmers’ animals – but it is always excellent. It has a thin rustic-looking skin and a round, rich, full-bodied flavor that ranks among the top blue cheeses in the nation, and is perhaps the finest goats’ milk blue.”

“Lively Run Goat Dairy represents the very best of American cheese making — people quietly going about their way tending to their animals and to the land. In turn, this translates to extraordinary cheeses that are created with little fanfare, great milk, and a whole lot of skill and flavor” Laura Werlin