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  • Cheese Tasting Culinary Pack

    Cheese Tasting Culinary Pack

    This is the ultimate Cheese Tasting pack!

    Includes: 1 Sheldrake Moon 8oz, 1 Finger Lakes Gold Reserve 4oz, 1Cayuga Blue 4oz, 1 Plain Chevre 4oz, 1 Shire 4oz, 1 Brooklyn cured Salami, 4oz Dates, 4oz Marcona Almonds, 16oz Honeyrock Farm Honey, Tresors crackers.

    A $70 Value for $65

    Item is not in stock.
  • Crispy French Cracker - Sea Salt

    Crispy French Cracker – Sea Salt

    Toasty french crackers made by Tresors.

  • Crispy French Crackers - Rosemary

    Crispy French Crackers – Rosemary

    Toasty french crackers made by Tresors

  • Hillcrest Dairy Pasteurized Butter

    Hillcrest Dairy Pasteurized Butter

    1/2 lb of local pasteurized butter made with fresh sweet cream from cows not treated with rBST and with a grazing flavor!

  • Honey Rock Farm Honeys

    Honey Rock Farm Honeys

    Honey Rock Farm is based out of the Finger Lakes and produces a wide variety of different honeys.

  • Honey Yum

    Honey Yum

    Local Cinnamon Creamed Honey from HoneyRock Farms.

    Ingredients: Honey & Cinnamon

  • Jam and Cheese with Tresors crackers

    Jam and Cheese with Tresors crackers






    Choose between 3 delicious combinations. A $26.50 value for $24!

    Option 1: 6oz. Sheldrake Moon + 4oz. Finger Lakes Gold Reserve + 6 oz. Knapp Farm Brambleberry Jam + Tresors Crackers

    Option 2: 8oz. Original Chevre + 4oz. Cayuga Blue+ 6oz. Knapp Farm Raspberry Hot Pepper Jam+ Tresors Crackers

    Option 3: 8oz Lake Effect Cheddar + 4oz. Blue Yonder + 6 oz. Knapp Farm Strawberry Rhubarb Jam + Tresors Crackers

  • Knapp Farm Jams

    Knapp Farm Jams

    A selection of excellent locally made jams, chutney & butters.

    Try these pairings:

    Brambleberry with Sheldrake Moon or Finger Lakes Gold

    Raspberry Hot Pepper with Chevre or Blue Yonder

    Strawberry Rhubarb with Lake Effect Cheddar or Shire

  • Marcona Almonds

    Marcona Almonds

    These notoriously buttery almonds are native to and imported from Spain.

    Perfect on a cheese board!

  • Membrillo


    A thick sliceable fruit jelly made from quince that is native to and imported from Spain. Reminiscent of apple and pear it is very nice with any cheese and especially the Finger Lakes Gold!

  • Membrillo Combo

    Membrillo Combo

    This Combo includes 8oz of  Chevre, 4oz of Finger Lakes Gold Reserve and a box of yummy Membrillo.

    $20. You save $2.80

  • Stoney Brook Pepitas

    Stoney Brook Pepitas

    These pepitas are harvested from heirloom pumpkins. They are locally grown, brined and roasted in the Finger Lakes and add a delicious crunch to your cheese board! 3oz

  • Taralli Italian Crackers

    Taralli Italian Crackers

    These crackers are  imported from Italy. They are soda crackers with a bit more “meat” to them and are lovely when dipped into fondue!